Beautiful Felted Bag Patterns to Knit and Love!



Now you have the inspiration and directions to get creative, and you know to use only 100% wool worsted weight (NOT SUPERWASH) yarn, you'll need to know where to get yarn and various embeillishment for your unique creations.

Yarn - Some great choices are Plymouth Galway and Ella Rae Classic worsted. Other brands of wool worsteds work, too. Beware white yarn—often it will not felt. Some great stores to buy supplies in the greater Philadelphia area are:

Embellishments are all around you—just keep your eyes open for some inspiration. Yarn and sewing stores are great places to find buttons, ribbon, bag handles, magnetic closures, snaps, etc. Craft store chains carry lots of beads, jewelry findings, etc. to enhance your designs. JoAnn Fabrics has a great selection of bag handles and straps to sew on to your bags. Some other great resources for embellishments, handles and straps are:


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